Solustat as a Service

Available electrodes:

Inconel 718
1000-series carbon steel
WC-Co (90/10 ultra-fine)
Don’t see yours? Figure Engineering can fabricate electrodes from a sample or specification you provide. Contact us to learn more.

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Figure Engineering provides Solustat as a service for customers whose circumstances don’t justify purchasing their own unit. Single tank operations, little to no lab space, or low-cost trial to evaluate the technology.

Customers can purchase a one-time service “package” that includes the sample container, prepaid return shipping, analysis, and electronic report. Customers can purchase several at once and return samples over time such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly to monitor process trends.

Consistent, regular analysis provides the best insights as the tank changes over time, especially as it approaches end of life (example shown below). Electrochemical analysis puts users ahead of the tank’s chemistry to proactively manage it rather than react to it.

Stripping solution analysis electrochemically measures maximum achievable strip rate, polarization resistance, and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) of the electrode-sample system using one or more of the electrodes below. It also includes pH-compensate ORP of the sample and its pH. Multiplexing electrodes allows us to simultaneously characterize coating and base metals in the sample.

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